Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What We're All About

So, you're probably wondering what in God's name is this blog all about. Some vague topic only a few people on the Earth know about?, maybe gingers?, or maybe a bunch of fools making a blog? Well, in actuality our purpose is simple. We view everything as pieces to one big puzzle, our job is to put all the pieces together and create something that makes sense, but through the eyes of a teenager. Why the last part? You see, it all began while we were talking in class about how dull and boring everything the teacher was saying was, even when the topic was genuinely interesting. Later that day it struck me like the slap from an offended woman, why not create a blog about it? We figure it is more interesting than reading a dry article about whether or not Obama likes Provolone cheese or Amer'can cheese. I mean c'mon, who would enjoy reading that? We write about anything which seems important to share with the public. This can range from politics and social issues to our version of comedy. And furthermore, things that will blow your mind. Our Blog is by teens for teens. We write about anything which seems important to get out to the public. Our perspectives will be simple enough to be digested, profound enough to be taken seriously, and in the end, funny enough to actually be enjoyable.

- hgani & Ynmiz