Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A photo colage by Mista Santorini

This angry black man goes by the name of Fat Cop. He is both a cop and an angry alcoholic. Expect to see a  comic starring Fat Cop in the near future. 

This is Pikachu's much less popular cousin Chikapoop. He is believed to have lived in Misty's basement.

chickapoop in his mid 20s

According to Mr. Santorini the entire series of Pokemon is a lie. In reality  Pokemon is just the sick twisted fantasies of a Schyzophrenic man named Ashie K. and it turns out Pikachu was simply a crocodile skull Ashkie. K. found in his youth. 

This is satnorini's rendition of what the main character of "Baby Shoes" may have looked like

Its a footbal player that is missing the lower half of his body, nuff said

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