Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby Shoes: A Story of love, jealousy, and quadriplegics

A note from the Author: This is one of my shorts stories that I've had for a long time. It was originally and English Essay but obviously devolved into something much worse. Although this uses I, I'm not in any way  the character in this story. Any resemblance to anyone in real life is purely coincidental. I hope you enjoy the story :D            

Baby Shoes
It’s Tuesday and I begin my day the same as I have for 9 out of 12 of my years. I awake, shower, dress, and then wage an internal battle with myself, this battle is to whether or not I wear a pair   of grimy baby booties. If I wear them I face the ridicule of a misunderstanding school, if I don’t then I have to face the consequence of being starved and locked in a dusty closet until I agree to wear the booties. On some days it’s a more difficult choice than on other but today I decided to wear the baby shoes without visible complaint.
            As I walk into the kitchen my dad shouts “Hey, retard (his pet name for me) you like to wear those little baby booties don’t you?” This was followed by a gale of laughter.
            I looked at the floor and muttered “yes, sir.” All of a sudden my dad stopped laughing and got this crazy look in his eye.           
“Don’t you mutter at me boy, you look straight at me and say ‘yes, sir” he then promptly spat in my cheerios. After I finished my cheerios I went to school for a day of torment.
            It wasn’t always like this. Way back in my memory I remember my parents being upstanding citizens that paid their taxes and didn’t put out their cigarettes on me for fun. Back then it was normal for me to wear booties and my parents thought it was cute. Then there was the accident. 45 people were killed in a freak car accident but my parents survived in critical addiction. The only lasting effect was a morphine dependency which opened them up to meth. They would also sometimes sniff lines of this white powder (preferably somewhere on my body) this make them all crazy and angry. That’s when they would just lock me in the closet for fun.
            My school day went the same as most, which was being tormented and tease for wearing baby booties. Yet this day was different. That day there was a new student in class, his name was Philip. Philip was probably one of the few people that were worse off than I was. He was a quadriplegic (missing his arms and legs)that also happened to be blind, deaf, and mute. The teacher said the cause for his current condition was because of a horrible pogo sticking accident. The teacher decided it would be fun to partner me with him for the science fair.
So, to get a head start on the project we decided to walk over to my house (I walked and sort of carried him). The project started to a good start although he didn’t really contribute all that much. Soon I began talking about to him about my life. He was so supportive and listened to everything I had to say without interrupting me and I could sense he didn’t think any less of me for what I had to say
Although this probably goes without saying me and Philip began a strictly sexual relationship. After school we would walk (I walk he took a ride in my backpack) to my house and begin our sexual relations. I would start off by sucking on one of his stumps for up to 15 minutes and then I would finish him off by licking his blind eyeball until we both reached orgasm. Then one day my dad caught me sucking his thump, got jealous, and killed Philip.
After that I stopped going to school, or talking, or eating. I spent all day just punching the wall. I either slept or punched the wall.
I am now 21 years old and my baby shoe days are long gone. My parents are still assholes and I will never ever forgive them.
- Hgani

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  1. Wonderful story, i found it gripping yet suspenseful, with a glorious ending.