Thursday, December 2, 2010

Review - Fallout: New Vegas

A note from the Author:
Yes I know this game is a month old and I should be reviewing something more recent such as Black Ops or Brotherhood but I have yet to buy Brotherhood and I would prefer to play more Black Ops before writing a review.

Game's Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Sound: 8/10
Is it worth buying: Worth the 60$ price tag.

When I first played New Vegas it felt like I was playing the same old Fallout 3 again. The graphics appear to be an updated version of those of Fallout 3, which in no way was a bad thing. You start off as a courier for the Mojave Express, the postal service of the Wasteland. Your mission: delivering a platinum poker chip to New Vegas. You're then attacked by Benny, a casino chairman on the Vegas Strip, who takes the platinum chip and shoots you in the head. Then the real gameplay begins. You awake in Doctor Mitchell's house where the standard character creation occurs. You choose your appearance as well as your base stats. You then proceed to go outside and meet Victor, the RobCo securitron robot who is the one who took you to Doctor Mitchell upon finding your body. Your main goal is to find out information about the man who shot you, which leads you to the town of Primm, and then into New Vegas.

The three main factions in the game are The NCR (New California Republic). The next faction, which is at war with the NCR, are Ceasar's Legion. These two factions are fighting for control over the Hoover Dam. The Final major faction is Mr. House and his army of securitron robots. His main goal is complete control over the New Vegas strip, which he already has, but feels threatened by the presence of the NCR and Legion. The Brotherhood of Steel also returns living in secrecy after being run out by the NCR. Some other minor factions are the Boomers who have taken control of an air force base and remain isolated from the rest of the Wastes. There are also the Kings who live in Freeside, who are a gang of Elvis impersonators.

One of the important things in the game that cannot be forgotten is the gambling. It's an easy way to make a large amount of caps in the game and is also very realistic. Each casino has its own chips that the player can exchange for either standard caps or currency which can be used for the NCR and Legion. Some games involving gambling make themselves almost pointless to play by making very low max bets in an effort to combat the fact that some players enjoy saving their games, betting high, and then loading back up if when they lose. Instead of taking that excitement out of the game, when you can put a lot of caps on the line, the casinos have a limit on the amount the player can win, which is around ten thousand caps per casino. Once that limit is reached the player can no longer gamble at that casino. There is also a one minute wait time to use any of the tables or slot machines to prevent saving and loading if one loses.

Overall I would say that this game was worth the sixty dollars. Its graphics were appealing and the gameplay was on par with that of other games in the Fallout series. Aside from some minor glitches, which future patches will likely remove, this game is definitely worth it and will keep you entertained throughout the story.

- Paka

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