Friday, December 17, 2010

The iPad 2, a Mini Tablet?

A Note from the author: After the apparent success of my first Apple installment, I felt it was time to write my second installment of my Apple segment. I hope you guys like it

Answer to the Title
Short answer: No.
Long answer: No, but a lot of other interesting features are bound show up.

The iPad
Earlier this year Steve Jobs stepped to the podium in his classic black turtle neck and jeans and introduced something that would change everything: the iPad, a tablet, something that was not implemented well earlier. This would then spawn dozens of competitors that would point out the glaring flaws of the iPad. So, now, with a new iPad imminent, what will Apple do to silence the opposition and reassert its domination of the tablet market? Well, in order to understand what the iPad 2 will look like then we must first look at their glaring errors.

Lack of a camera
iPad competitors have had a field day with this, and personally this is the biggest mistake Steve Jobs made when he first came up with the iPad, but was it a mistake? Even though Steve Jobs says that Apple tries to make the best possible product they can, in reality this isn't so. They probably could have put a camera in the iPad but this wouldn't really make sense to a business: if it's the best product they can make, then what are they going to put in the next generation? It makes much more sense to dole out the upgrades in a way that puts them ahead of competition, while at the same time having enough features to upgrade the next generation and hence replenish sales.

Lack of Flash
More and more people are seeing their tablets and smartphones as full fledged computers, so it doesn't make sense to cripple the iPad by not allowing Flash content. Although Steve Jobs has a personally vendetta against everything Flash and says Flash will never be available on either the iPad or the iPhone, he must concede to markets eventually or risk being left behind in the tablet market.

As I said before, the iPad is seen by most as a computer, so, again, why would any computer have a max of 64 gigs? For some, that's not even enough to hold their music library, let along everything else!

Apple haters may see a dozen more problems with the iPad but for me, an Apple fan boy, these are the main problems that are facing the iPad. Hopefully, these problems will be addressed with the iPad 2, along with a few other miscellaneous improvements. Thanks to Apple's closed-lip policy, speculation about EVERY SINGLE APPLE PRODUCT EVER is frenzied, fanatic, and filled with mostly myths. So lets see if we can take a step back and look at the possible improvements with calm speculation.

Say Cheese
I believe its time to dole out the camera upgrade and I think every other iPad user agrees. Chances are that the iPad 2 will have both a rear and front facing camera. It will also be FaceTime enabled and allow for people to communicate through an ever expanding list of Apple products.

It's gonna get bigger.
As the title suggests, we are going to get a higher capacity iPad. The question is, why wouldn't Apple increase the volume? In fact, by having a higher capacity option, the 16 and 32 gig versions will almost surely be priced slightly lower. So everyone wins, people will have a cheaper iPad and higher capacity iPad, and Jobs can parade this around as giant accomplishments like he did with the arrival of the Beatles to iTunes.

It's still a really big iPod touch 4th gen
Apple enjoys spreading around a particularly successful innovation and spreading it across all of its products to make more uniform, simple, and innovative products. Retina display will probably be one of those innovations. Having been debuted with the tremendously successful iPhone 4 and now with the iPod Touch 4th generation, it only makes sense to bring it to the iPad 2.

Although I truly hope Flash is brought to the iPad 2, the markets don't truly call for it... Yet. Apple still has millions of devote fans that will buy the iPad 2 to with or without Adobe Flash.

A Mini iPad?
Like the beginning of the article suggests, Apple won't shrink the screen size of the iPad. The screen size is just too valuable too shrink. Samsung's Galaxy Tablet has already been ridiculed for its smallness. Being deemed by some as a "Retard Tablet" because it's too big to be a phone, yet too small to be an effective tablet.

What does this all mean?
The iPad 2 (if its even going to be called that) will probably be a rather safe product refresh with a bunch of expected feature upgrades, but it still doesn't mean it's going to be any less awesome. :D


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