Monday, December 13, 2010

Absence of Pokemon Government?

This is my first post so I figured I would touch upon a more abstract subject: the absence of any form of government whatsoever in the Pokemon world. How are they controlled? Are they closed off to the surrounding countries? Are they socialistic, communist, or maybe democratic? Who are their major leaders? The only figures of constant authority  appear to be gym leaders. Do they separately control each town, and who commands them? I feel like the Elite Four are the only remotely powerful figures along with the Pokemon champion. Yet, how do they enforce their laws and are there any laws to begin with? The police force is in shambles. With puny Growlithes on their side, they can be beaten by the average ten year old child wandering out after dark, who has some how been able to obtained a level 40 Charizard. Doesn't that pose as some sort of hazard - a ten year old with a large flaming beast? When the police are defeated, they don't call in any back up or put the perpetrators at gunpoint. They simple say, "Oh well, do illegal things. I cannot stop you." So I don't believe they help very much at all. Major political figures only seem to be the professors along with the gym leaders. Gym leaders are chosen by illegally pitting their captured creatures against one another...doesn't sound to be very trust worthy. However, the professors at least have some smarts but feel it's safe to send ten year old children to travel the world without parental guidance.

Lastly, terrorist groups run amok. Multiple teams (Rocket, Galactic, etc.) are attacking the world of Pokemon unopposed, considering the police are more occupied with ten year old children wandering after dark. These people have destroyed monuments, raided towns, and have plotted mass destruction. Yet, after being defeated in battle they run home in defeat. I don't think a simple loss would change their mind about world domination, but a long sit in jail may. But oh well, leave that to the ten year old, who also defeat the government. Lets just say many things are wrong with the Pokemon world. Some that may result in mass destruction, but who cares when they know the ten year old will come to their rescue! "Go level 100 World-destroying-Pokemon! defeat that Caterpie!"
- X-Nathan-X_4

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