Monday, January 17, 2011

Its a Zombie Apocalypse!

Note from The author: I or anyone else haven't posted anything in like a week and for that we sorely apologize, so we have come up with this post in a hope of making up for our lack of new posts. 

             So you find yourself trapped in a middle of a graveyard and 1 in the morning, trapped in a closet that you assume is used to store caskets, while your friends are trying to eat you. What do you do! I said what do you do! well, we have an answer to that.
              So what is this zombie apocalypse? well, you see its a game, not an actual zombie apocalypse but simply a game. The basis of the game is that 1 person is a zombie and everyone else is a human. the job of the zombie is to attack and eat the brains of a human and create a zombie out of him. The game ends when either A) a human makes it to the designated safe house or B) everyone is devoured and turned into a zombie. So, to play this game you will need a set list of requirements and so without further adieu.
1. A graveyard: this is the most crucial part of the game, if you aren't in a graveyard then it loses its creepiness and therefore the entire point of the game is void. If you are squeamish about graveyards don't play this game
2. 10-15 people The more the merrier with this game, if you have less than 10 then someone will get an amazing hiding place and it will take FOREVER to find them.
3.Dark atmosphere for same reasons as requirement 1
4.  A cynical view of religion: If you are profoundly religious then walking around a graveyard in the middle of the night may seem perverse and/or deeply disturbing
Nerf gun (optional): will be explained latter under variations

Pretty simple right? the rules are equally as simple.
1.  your gonna need to choose a safe area it could be anything from a large tree to a large tombstone.
2. Once the safe area is decided then the humans must go on one side of the graveyard while the lone zombie goes onto the other side.
* note you may not go near the safe house for 15 minutes (one person should have a timer or something)
3. and what if your a zombie? well its easy, to infect someone you must immobilize them through a hug, tackle, or surprise attack. oh, and you cant  get within 10 feet of the safe house. Touching or scratching a human will not infect them. Also you have to wait until the humans are on the other side of the graveyard.
4. You must be honest about whether you are human or a zombie (not responding is allowed)
6. This game depends on your word, so don't be a dick and be honest about anything described in this article.

Notable Strategies
So lets say your a zombie and 4 others are zombies and you cant find anyone else. You could always make a joke, in a graveyard a laugh will carry out through the entire graveyard, so if a human laughs there cover will be blown!

Maybe a your the last human and are in the best hiding place but you cant reach the safe house without being infected. A decoy is always a good idea. take a sweat shirt over a tombstone and make a sound (maybe a laugh?).

Combing an area is also a good plan if at any point you cant find the last human. This is done by making a web of zombies 10 feet apart each and simply combing an area of the graveyard.

Grave sitting is similar to combing but the only difference is the zombies sit atop of tall tombstones 25 feet apart and keep watch for any type of movement.

Texting or using your cell phone as a means of communication is preferred for communicating from zombie to zombie or human to human because sound travels very well in a graveyard the quieter the better.

Nerf gun special: To add a little pizazz to your article it is highly suggested that you arm your humans a Nerf gun for protection. To kill a zombie and therefore save yourself from being devoured you must his the zombie in the head with one of the pellets. The zombie is then immobile and "dead" for 2 minutes. Each player has 3 lives (one life is spent being turning into a zombie the other two are due to Nerf guns). when this happens the zombie is completely dead and cannot infect anyone until another game is played (he can be a whistle blower through)

Played correctly this game can be absolutely amazing!


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